Honolulu Mint Issues

The original Honolulu Mint went bankrupt in 1995. I’ve been performing research on its issues. Mintage numbers are hard to locate. However, I did locate a few with limited issues (will not reveal them at this time). My preliminary research has not enough material for a book, but a good article could be written.

Here is some preliminary information on two series. The code can be located on the rear of the collector jacket. As you can see, I have a working spreadsheet from the image. There are some errors (letter O used instead of number zero) in my spreadsheet.




Below is the i’iwi collector jacket (rear view). Note the code (from my spreadsheet) under the bar code.



This is the front of the collector jacket.




Overall, the Honolulu Mint issues are limited to specific collection areas. One issue that I see is that they issued several coins only on jewelry.