2MN-673 and 2MN-67a – 1973 Queen Emma Set

Completed my second “trifecta” of Hawaii coin club medals.

This is my Hawaii State Numismatic Association set in bronze, silver, and aluminum.



The aluminum specimen was acquired first and described in a previous blog entry. https://thehawaiiananumismatist.com/2014/02/15/2mn-673a-queen-emma-hawaii-state-numismatic-association/

My Maui Coin Club “trifecta” was also discussed in a previous blog entry. https://thehawaiiananumismatist.com/2014/03/09/maui-coin-club-2m-316-silver-copper-and-2m-317-cupro-nickel/

It’s really challenging  to locate  each of the specimens for a single year. I’ve only seen one set being offered with all medal types at one dealer (was not interested at the time). I wished I purchased that 1980Duke Kahanamoku HSNA set (price was high at the time and my interest was focused on RHM gold).