FMR-E06 : Hawaiiana Related Medals from the Franklin Mint Postal Covers


Catalog number FMR-E06  is from my book, The Hawaiiana Numismatist’s Catalog of Franklin Mint Issues Relating to Hawaii. The book maybe purchased at

FMR = Medal was produced by Franklin Mint and is Round (FMI is an ingot)

E= Event related medal

06 = 6th event related medal listing

Image below  is an original FMR-E06 on First Day postal cover. The term “cover”  is an envelop affixed with a stamp and postmarked. A First day Cover has a stamp that is postmarked on its first day of issue.

Medal is 39mm Proof.  Cover is postmarked Honolulu, Hawaii. The reverse of the cover serves as a COA.

The  medal features Captain  James Cook looking through telescope with Hawaiian sailing canoe and outrigger canoes on ocean background.

Omitted in Medcalf & Russell (2nd edition was published in 1991). Note the postmark is dated 1978.

The only way to obtain an original FMR-E06 is from a broken-up  1978 Postmasters of America cover set (there are 18 covers in this set).

The medal is sometimes sold without the cover (inexperience collectors/dealers remove the silver medal and discard the “envelope” rendering the medal as unidentifiable).

My book Hawaiiana Numismatist’s Catalog of Franklin Mint Issues Relating to Hawaii now catalogs this medal with full obverse and reverse images and provides detailed information (set from, mintage, previous listing in M&R (if any), etc…

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