A Unique 1994 Princess Kaiulani Dala Set

I finally completed my 1994 Princess Kaiulani Dala Set.

Each coin has a 1994 Princess Kaiulani obverse. Each coin also has a different design reverse.

Three of the specimens are not listed in the Royal Hawaiian Mint (RHM) database which makes this set rather unique and unknown to most  Hawaiiana collectors.

I originally identified the  Princess Dala and Akahi Dala error in the RHM database (search for the blog entry on this finding).

Later, I obtained a mule specimen of the Princess Mahalo Dala. I have a letter of provenance from the original owner. This is a unique specimen with only 1 known (The Meredith Specimen ) . (Search for the blog entry on this finding).

Recently, I acquired a very limited struck Princess  $10 Dala specimen at a very reasonable price. I actually had a NORFED broker search for  a specimen for me. He located only one. Unfortunately, the price was $1,500 (not a typo). The seller was out for cash and my response was ” NO WAY!”. It’s a very tough coin to locate according to the NORFED broker. This coin has an estimated 20 coin striking.

The following images are the four coins that are part of this rather unique 1994 Princess Kaiulani Dala Set.