New Find: Earliest NORFED Known Design Connection With the Royal Hawaiian Mint

I’ve been researching the NORFED and Royal Hawaiian Mint connection once again.

I made my first  discovery of the connection with Ms. Liberty on the NORFED  issues  and the 1992 Gold Salute issues by the Royal Hawaiian Mint.

The first NORFED issue has another tie in with a pre-1992 issue and is the earliest known design tie in with the Liberty Dollars. Here is a refresher for those not familiar with the 1998 Liberty Dollar with the Shelter System Reverse.

Below is the new find. The shelter system reverse was used on a pre-1992 Royal Hawaiian Mint issue. I’m in the process of locating a specimen for my research.  I know the Royal Hawaiian Mint coin and the  hunt is on!

Click to enlarge!