Kamehameha I “with Welt” from The Hawaiian Mint

The top coin below shows you how to locate the Kamehameha I “with Welt” variety from The Hawaiian Mint.

The photo is the obverse from a 1975 Kamehameha I with AG hand stamped on reverse.

The welt is curved raised bump that runs from both sides of the lower dot.

Previously unreported anomalies are the deformed lower dot and a raised spot that intersects the area below the King’s chin and the center of the letter “I” in the word HAWAII.

The lower coin is without the welt.

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Below is an image without my yellow markings and shows the welt.

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Kamehameha welt


The 1975 struck sterling silver Kamehameha I – Welt with “AG hand stamped” and no “sterling hand stamp”   has a mintage of 6 (note: year on the coin is 1976).   This coin type is the 5th listed to be ever struck by The Hawaiian Mint (according to the RHM database).

As a side note, there is another AG version with a second hand stamp of “STERLING” next to the “AG” that was struck in 1976  (it has a mintage of 350).