Update: 1983 Unofficial HSNA Medal 2M-199

I struck a deal with the current owner for purchasing his  2M-199. Funds were  transfered and USPS tracking number provided.

I will provide images as soon as the medal arrives.

Based on the M&R description, the medal is 39 mm. with two 21 mm counterstamps

The original owner’s image indicates the medal was struck with a blank reverse. At a later time “HSNA” and “1983” was stamped. The two counterstamps were also added later. The counterstamps was stamped with too much pressure that it caused two 21 mm dimples to form on the reverse. I’m speculating that BVNH performed the stamping and counterstamps at the 1983 HSNA show as a demonstration.

Interesting specimen…This may be the only RHM medal with two obverse counterstamps on one side. it may also be the only 21mm counterstamps by the RHM.