Bidding War for a 2MS-18 Sterling Silver ….Winning Bid is $565.55

I had placed a bid in the $500 range during my lunch hour.

Then got an email from a contact (aka dealer).  I immediately retracted my bid. Why?

I was put on notice that a complete serial numbered (each the same serial number) set of Mishler Hawaii/Alaska Statehood medals will be at the Baltimore Coin Show (started today and ends Sunday). The set is 5 coins (aluminum has no serial number). And the price that was provided was fair…

Each coin is NGC graded. The sterling silver is the highest graded….

With this information I retracted my bid….and moved up my Baltimore Coin Show visit to a weeknight rather than a weekend….

Baltimore has always been good to me… My population of 1 release ceremony gold coins that I donated to the Fort McHenry National Monument and Historical Shrine is a good example.