2M-199 Unofficial HSNA Medal Inspection


I inspected the medal today.

The reverse die (THE HAWAIIAN MINT $) is from 2TC-55/2TC-56  (Hawaiian Sand Dala-Island of Maui) and/or 2M-138/2M-139 (Hawaiian Sand Dala-Big Island). The Kalakaua and Liliokalani obverse dies are from 1983 21mm Kalakaua and 1983 21 mm Liliuokalani medal (too many to list)

The obverse was originally blank. The Queen Liliuokalani counterstamp was first struck. Then the Kalakaua counterstamp was made. The letters and numbers were then struck.

M&R incorrectly states “…dies struck as a pair.” The overlapping of the counterstamps clearly shows that the two dies can only overlap. In addition, the Kalakaua counterstamp is over the Liliuokalani counterstamp.

Also, the listed catalog price seem too low. I can surmise that the coins given away in 1983 were mishandled as a  curiosity piece (touched, inspected, and passed around).  Not many retained its original mint state condition. It is also, highly unlikely others were made and sold.

From my reference documents, 2MB-199 may be the only medals to use 21 mm counterstamps. It is also the only medal to have two obverse counterstamps from different dies.



Update: 1983 Unofficial HSNA Medal 2M-199

I struck a deal with the current owner for purchasing his  2M-199. Funds were  transfered and USPS tracking number provided.

I will provide images as soon as the medal arrives.

Based on the M&R description, the medal is 39 mm. with two 21 mm counterstamps

The original owner’s image indicates the medal was struck with a blank reverse. At a later time “HSNA” and “1983” was stamped. The two counterstamps were also added later. The counterstamps was stamped with too much pressure that it caused two 21 mm dimples to form on the reverse. I’m speculating that BVNH performed the stamping and counterstamps at the 1983 HSNA show as a demonstration.

Interesting specimen…This may be the only RHM medal with two obverse counterstamps on one side. it may also be the only 21mm counterstamps by the RHM.

1986 Kamehameha Dala in Bronze – Unlisted in RHM Database

My bargain coin of the week purchased for $13.79

This bronze version is unlisted in the Royal Hawaiian Mint database. The silver version is listed with a mintage of 500.

Krause lists the silver version as X# MB19 with a mintage of 500 (mintage matches the RHM database).

Krause lists the bronze version as X# MB19a with a mintage of 50. Yes, 50!

The green patina on the image is the giveaway that makes it a bronze version. Silver has no green patina….


* Krause (or Krause Publications) who published the book

Medcalf & Russell 2M-199: 1983 Unofficial Hawaii State Numismatic Association Medal

This is a 1983 Unofficial Hawaii State Numismatic Association medal struck by The Hawaiian Mint. It was handed out free to the 1983 HSNA show attendees.

In 1983, The Hawaiian mint moved its operations back to Honolulu and the coin was most likely an advertising piece to get the 1983 HSNA attendee interested in the mint’s products.

The below images were provided by Milo.