Anomaly with the 1990 Honolulu Dala (2M-184) with Counterstamp

I’ve noticed and documented (in my personal notes) that the shape of the 1990 Honolulu Dala (cataloged as 2M-184 in Medcalf & Russell) has been altered with the  first day of issue counterstamp. The anomaly is that the shape of the coin is not longer perfectly round.  I experienced the shape anomaly first hand  after trying to fit a specimen I purchased in to a protective 39 mm capsule. It would simply not fit. What I noticed was that the first day counterstamp was struck very close to the edge making the rim expand outward causing the altered shape.

Below are two examples. Look at the rim area near the counterstamp for the shape anomaly.





Page 308 of the book Unusual Wold Coins 6th Edition, by Cuhaj & Michael, issued by Krause Publications list the coin as X#MB52 and provides an image that also reflect a more pronounced  shape anomaly.

The shape anomaly is attributed to the size of the counterstamp. The counterstamp on this coin is 13 mm, where as the other RHM counterstamp coins use a 10 mm counterstamp.