Kingdom of Hawaii Coinage/Paper Money Still Legal Tender?

The blog entry is an attention grabber headline so that you can understand the status of two executive agreements entered into in 1893 between the United States President Grover Cleveland and Queen Lili‘uokalani of the Hawaiian Kingdom, called theLili‘uokalani Assignment (January 17, 1893) and the Agreement of Restoration (December 18, 1893). The Lili‘uokalani Assignment mandates the President to administer Hawaiian Kingdom law, and the Agreement of Restoration mandates the President to restore the Hawaiian Kingdom government as it was prior to illegal landing of U.S. troops on January 16, 1893, and thereafter the Queen to grant amnesty to certain people who committed treason.

Under international law, the Hawaiian Kingdom as it was in the 19th century is presumed to continue to exist today with all its laws intact, unless the United States can show that it unequivocally extinguished Hawai‘i’s sovereignty under international law.

I recommend that you either read or watch videos (on youtube or vimeo) on the doctoral research completed by Dr. Keanu Sai and/or discussions on the topic of . His doctoral research is on the US government occupation of Hawai’i.


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As for the status of the Kingdom of Hawaii coinage and paper money, based on the Dr. Keanu Sai research findings, it can be said that the demonetizing of the Kingdom of Hawaii coinage and paper money was an illegal artifact of the insurgency and occupancy. Prior to the insurrection, the Kingdom of Hawaii monetary system was in par with the US monetary system.