Wikipedia – Coins of the Hawaiian Dollar

You have to admit, the title is a bit confusing for this Wikipedia entry.

I notice that the write-up needs some improvement and may put in my 2 cents worth (maybe a few

There are several omissions for the time period of 1847 and 1891 (stated period for the article).

In addition, paper currency from that period is not in the write-up.

It seems the write-up is made for a display at a coin show (bounded to specific items, brief, and does not bring to light the true history of the coins. As an example, read the 1883 Kalakaua Issues section. Where are the images? 8th of a dollar is not a official issue!

Then there is the Hawaiian dollar entry on Wikipedia

Oh boy..The Royal Hawaiian Mint is listed as the mint. I chuckled when I saw that.

I recommend you read the 1960 article by Jacob Adler.