Medcalf & Russell 2M-79 James Cook Medal

Medcalf & Russell lacked stating the mintage.

Also listed as FMR-E05 in my book, The Hawaiiana Numismatist’s Catalog of Franklin Mint Issues Relating to Hawaii.

Mintage is finally stated as 2,216 in this book.

One of the overlooked items is that most specimens are taken out of its COA (yes the envelope reverse is a COA). It is very difficult to locate specimens intact in its original envelope.

The reason I am discussing this medal is that within a weeks time, I located two specimens and acquired  both for my collection. (I am both a postal cover collector and medal collector relating to Hawaii).  One is addressed to an US address and the other to a Canada address. I’ve been searching for intact specimens for the longest time and all of a sudden two appear for sale.