Waikoloa Coin – One Hundred Dollars

I purchased this coin a few months back. I like the size (39 mm) and the $100 face value.

The high face value makes this coin very desirable by Hawaiian numismatists.

Many of hotels and golf clubs in Hawaii provide a variety of value coins. The Hawaii value coins should not be confused with challenge coins nor golf markers Both the challenge coins and golf markers have no value indicated on them.

This Waikoloa $100 coin will get a THN number.


B-2 Deliver – Spirit of Hawaii 1 oz Silver Coin

I acquired this 1 ounce silver proof  coin a few months back.

Apparently, this is a coin issued by the maker of the B-2 Bomber (Northrop Grumman) in celebration of its deliver to the Air Combat Command (ACC).  It will get a THN catalog number. It has a CoA and is serial numbered on its smooth edge.



Revision of the Wikipedia article – Coins of the Hawaiian dollar

My Wikipedia username is Waipahu96797 and I’ve started to make revision to the Wikipedia article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coins_of_the_Hawaiian_dollar

(1) Immediate revision for the use of the Medcalf & Russell catalog numbers. (Error: Give credit where its due and provide linkage to the book )

(2) Corrected the section now titled 1881 Five Cent Pattern (Error:previously titled “1881 unauthorized Paris Issue”).  Added specific references and linkage to 1914 Honolulu Star-Bulletin newspaper article that reflects that King Kalakaua authorized its striking. Original author plagiarized most of the content in this section from the M&R book (Error: reference the source of the information).

(3) Will update more as time allows.

Wikipedia – Coins of the Hawaiian Dollar

You have to admit, the title is a bit confusing for this Wikipedia entry.

I notice that the write-up needs some improvement and may put in my 2 cents worth (maybe a few dollars..lol).

There are several omissions for the time period of 1847 and 1891 (stated period for the article).

In addition, paper currency from that period is not in the write-up.


It seems the write-up is made for a display at a coin show (bounded to specific items, brief, and does not bring to light the true history of the coins. As an example, read the 1883 Kalakaua Issues section. Where are the images? 8th of a dollar is not a official issue!

Then there is the Hawaiian dollar entry on Wikipedia


Oh boy..The Royal Hawaiian Mint is listed as the mint. I chuckled when I saw that.

I recommend you read the 1960 article by Jacob Adler.




Hawaiian Coins and Currency – ANA National Money Show 2012 DVD

An interesting presentations for those extremely unfamiliar with the Hawaiian history. The names of the Hawaiian royalty were mispronounced, but the material’s intent was there. This is a basic introduction to Hawaiana numismatics DVD. I mean really basic…. This DVD is available for checkout from the ANA Library.

It would be nice for Hawaiiana numismatic experts to make a more impressive DVD  to share their knowledge.

Maybe the HSNA could use part of their 501(c)(4) donations to create a more comprehensive DVD to promote Hawaiiana numismatics outside the state and encourage collectors to attend their events in Hawaii?

I may just create my own presentation  and post it on youtube in the near future!