I’m Watching and Taking Notes…

Yes, I’m updating my RHM database with RHM website information…

Today’s coin of the day…..

1976 King Kamehameha with Ahualoa Land bank and AU1GR Copper

If you observe the obverse, it has no welt (should be by the lower dot). This is not a 1976 or 1977 struck copper coin (date of 1976 is reused until 1979). Key sign is no welt.

Coin was struck in 1978 based on description match (first no welt occurence and no subsequent description match occurrence).

From the RHM database Year 1978 (note that the year 1976 is in the description)

RHM002 Obv. 1-27; 2-138A Kamehameha I 1978 21mm Copper 100 Pattern. Obv. Type 2 – no die blemish – Reverse: AHUHALOA LAND BANK, 1976, AU 1 GR, one gram .999 gold, reeded edge, with Island of Hawaii

100 were originally struck. The 38 mintage could mean

(1) 138 mintage (100 + 38)

(2) 100 mintage (62 originally issued + 38 never issued until now).