An Interesting Princess Kaiulani Purchase

I received a 1/20 ounce gold 1994 Princess Kaiulani/Save the Ocean coin in the mail yesterday. I really do carefully check out new coins added to my collection.  I compare it to specimens in my collection (if I have one) or look for other  examples online. This is a second specimen in my collection.

To my surprise I located online images of the exact coin I received (not by the seller who I purchased the coin from).

I look both at the die and surface flaws. For die flaw, the 1/20 ounce gold coins are notoriously struck from a severely worn out obverse die. The visual  clue are the words PRINCESS and APPARENT. The obverse die was most likely used to strike the 1/20 ounce Kaiulani  Hapaiwakalua Crown in the 1994 proof set.

For surface flaw, I pick random surface points and compare the two. In this case, on the obverse three light rubs on her hair (top of her head) and the small spot parallel to her nose. On the reverse, the spot parallel to the upper serif on the letter E (in THE) and the spot above the dorsal fin.

To boot, the seller sent the coin in the original AMPEX.CON coin flip. And the product ID matches

Here is link to the online image of the coin.

By the way this coin

and this coin

are the same. Cheaper at the 2nd site (more if paid by check/wire).