Really, I Have Multiple Orders with the Royal Hawaiian Mint

I received a courtesy email from the Royal Hawaiian Mint on the status of my orders. Yes, orders…plural.


If you read the website properly there is a 15 – 30 day lead time in fulfilling orders.I won’t reveal what I ordered in this blog. But, I did my research and ordered a low mintage coins and ordered extra coin stock for possible trading or resale.

As a hint to my readers….

The 1993 Eisenhower dollar with the  “ALOHA MONEY” counter stamped actually is available for other years. If you noticed the images at the RHM website, a 1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower dollar is shown (for the 1993 Eisenhower dollar item). I made an inquiry and requested a 1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower dollar.

Hmmm…A goal for a complete set of Eisenhower dollars all with the  “ALOHA MONEY” counter stamped?

Do the math based on the RHM database:

  • 275 Eisenhower dollars with “ALOHA MONEY” counter stamp
  • Eisenhower dollars were issued from 1971 – 1978

It will be an interesting set to complete…And email below confirms that the counter stamped Eisenhower dollar dates are actually random!