Lucky 8 – Received a Royal Hawaiian Mint Bonus

This morning I was reviewing the 1998 Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau Silver Dala and uncovered a RHM mistake.

There are up to 8 other individuals who may have received an unexpected RHM bonus.

Here is a snippet of my working RHM database. (yellow background has no meaning). DOUBLE CLICK TO ENLARGE.


If you carefully focus on the word “Bureau” you will notice the silver mintage of 10 and a pattern designation! Also, the obverse wording matches what I received (bronze version listed just above).

The coin was incorrectly identified and sold at the RHM website.

As for the lucky 8 designation, I actually ordered 2 of these coins! (RHM recently removed this coin’s listing at their website). I now own 2 of the 10 pattern coins!