Re: Added Hawaiian Numismatic Publication Listing

(1) HNP-25, Official title of this publication is: Forty-Eight Annual Report of the Hawaiian Historical Society for the Year 1939, pp 14-28.


(2) New reference. The Comprehensive US Dollar Encyclopedia, by John Highfill,1992, pp 295-296, Kakakaua Proof $1 and Uncirculated $1 included in “An Amazing Collection of United States Silver Dollars”. Interesting write-up that the Hawaiian dollars were assembled as part of an US silver dollar set by a collector and sold through the Superior Galleries. Silver dollar collector are enthralled with the Kalakaua dollar as it is the same size and weight of US silver dollar.

(3) Earliest known news article about the Kingdom of Hawaii Coins, dated March 14, 1914. From all accounts this is the first reported  source of Hawaiiana numismatics. From Kingdom of Hawaii coins to the Reginald Huth medals.

(4)  Kingdom of Hawaii – Cabinet Council Minute Book, October 20, 1886.  Cabinet adopted a resolution to authorize the coinage of Hawaiian gold coins: $20 piece to be called a “Kalakaua”, a $10 piece to be called a “lei ali’i”, a $5 piece to be called a “crown”, and a $2 ½ piece to be called a “half crown”. Resolution was never put in effect.

(5) HNP-24, proper link

(6) New reference. E-Sylum has a good database and keeps abreast of Hawaii topics (search Hawaii or Hawaiian)

(7) New reference. So-Called Dollars (undated) This is online version. Purchase the book to get the R (rarity) assignment.

(8) New reference. So called Dollars (Alaska-Hawaii Statehood) (see above)

(9) New reference. So-called Dollars (Hawaii Statehood) (see above)

(10) New reference. So-called 50c. Unlisted in M&R 180 degree rotated Hawaii Statehood medal  Official mintage of Hawaii Statehood medals. Gold and original flyer that came with medal

(11) I need to visit JHU (my alma mater for my MS degree) Reginald Huth Medals

(12) New reference. Definitive Collection of Remember Pearl Harbor Medals