NGC Registry: Updated My Hawaii Statehood Medal Design Type Set

I noticed that someone had quoted my NGC Registry custom set with their eBay auction listing for a Hawaii Statehood medal. Since its is being somewhat acknowledged as a numismatic reference (which I gladly appreciate) I decided to review and update my custom set.

Of particular interest for this  custom set update are:

(1) The addition of three references

(2) Update to the Type 2- The Heraldic Art Company Medal Design for:

a. Identification of previously undocumented 2M-5 variety that is  unlisted in Medcalf & Russell. 180 degree rotated die with thick planchet

b. Identification of previously undocumented 2M-4 varieties that are unlisted in Medcalf & Russell. Low and high volcano placement on thin planchet.

c. Identification of previously undocumented 2M-5 variety that is unlisted in Medcalf & Russell.  High volcano placement on thick planchet. (A request has been made to locate a low volcano on thick planchet to prove/disprove my low/high volcano thesis)

d. Identification of previously undocumented 2M-6 (gold) variety that is unlisted in Medcalf & Russell. Gold issue is only available with low volcano variety.

Here is the link for this NGC Registry custom set:

All the updates were previously documented in my blog. The image below is the low vs high volcano variety. My thesis is that the Low variety dies were first used, then the High volcano dies were used. Gold issue reflects low volcano (early strike). Thin issue has both the low and high volcano. Thick issue is currently seen with only high volcano.

All information discussed here (with the exception of the 180 degree rotate die)  is the result of my original research findings.