Saloon Token: James Dodd and Enterprise Brewing Company

1895 Pantheon Saloon Honolulu Token

Medcalf & Russell  2TS-21. I’m still trying to pin point the date of this token I believe I have done so. I place it in use in 1893.

On my previous blogs I identified the start year of the Pantheon Saloon as 1881.

Attached are news clipping from the University of Hawaii at Manoa (nice trip to Hawaii, in thought, not body).

As you can see in the image below July 21, 1893 ad ties in three elements:  James Dodd, Pantheon Saloon, and Enterprise Beer.


Brewer collectors have assigned the CA 318 identifier to brand name “Enterprise Beer”. The years align with the 1893 date from the news clipping above.


2TS-21  identifies the token makers as C.A. Klinkner & Co. S.F. Which  stands for Charles Alexander Klinkner of San Francisco. (Still researching this individual along with his company).

Below is an 1895 newspaper clipping  (I see it as funny as martial law declared, but you can still visit the Pantheon).


Then in 1897, Mr. Dodd still was selling Enterprise Beer. However, if you read further, Scotch whisky became more popular.


Then in 1898, Bock beer from Enterprise Brewing Co just arrived at the Pantheon.