Update: Another Wow Purchase

On 11/21/2014, I wrote about “another wow purchase” of mine.


I finally had the time to snap a few picture of this six piece acquisition.  Medcalf & Russell identifiers are in parenthesis.

From top left: HK-529, HK-530, and HK-531  (2MS-18, 2MS-16, and 2MS-17)

From bottom left: HK-532, HK-533, asnd HK-534 (2MS-14, 2MS-15, and 2MS-12)


Pride of this acquisition is the high grade 2MS-18 with only 100 struck.


This acquisition both restores and expands my “Hawaii Statehood medal set” .

Restores the items I sold to work on my masters degree at Johns Hopkins University (https://thehawaiiananumismatist.com/?p=946). (Note: I already have the aluminum medal in my collection.

Expands my restored set with 2M-15 and 2M-18.

And finally adds to my original “wow” purchase. https://thehawaiiananumismatist.com/tag/hawaii-uniface/

This set is also related to https://thehawaiiananumismatist.com/alapii-collecting/