The Aloha Airlines Silver Tail Ingot FMI-A01

Listed as FMI-A01 in my  just released book Hawaiian Numismatic Issues from the Franklin Mint: Medals, Coins and Ingots. 

This Aloha Airlines sterling silver ingot has a mintage of 1,777 (mintage is deceiving as Franklin Mint collectors do not breakup sets). If you locate a FMI-A01  today, its a remnant from a broken up completed set.

Hint: The choicest specimens are those in original Franklin Mint packaging.  The proper collector term is Mint in Package (MIP).

Hint: The original Franklin Mint paperwork is also desired and extremely hard to come by since most specimens are a remnant from a broken up completed set.

Hint: Aloha Airlines went out of business in 2008 making this highly sought after by airline and Aloha Airlines memorabilia collectors.

Here is a MIP FMI-A01 with its original Franklin Mint paperwork and magazine ad.



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