Simple as 1, 2,and 3?

If you don’t watch carefully the off medal varieties can slip pass you.

I recommend that you start updating your WIGB with personal notes of everything you see that is missing or incorrect in WIGB. Mine is littered with notes and updates. Even if an items is being reported by another individual, document it.

Hint: You mean you have not periodically visiting the recently update Royal Hawaiain Mint since I first reported it being operational in late 2014?

Hint: Snooze and you loose. RHM has been removing items periodically from their website, thus wiping out all official and historical information.

Hint: Have you saved images as “for your use” only from the RHM website? Again, how can you collect without any visual information?

Back on topic…..

Varieties of the 1990 Honolulu Dala (in WIGB)

Variety 1 – Grand Opening

Variety 2 – Normal Issue

Variety 3 – Gold Plated

Simple as 1,2, and 3? Wrong

Variety 4 was reported in bronze!

The copper variety is unlisted. If you want to complete this series you will need a bronze variety.

I made the discovery and reported it in a previous blog….