The Hawaiian Mint 21mm Sister Bronze Patterns

One of my earlier blog entry mentioned the purchase of a unrecognized bronze Hawaiian Mint “replica” pattern with possible matching obverse die on a 18K gold pattern.

After close examination of the coin it has been confirmed that these are sister pattern coins, that is, both coins utilized the same obverse die.

Based on the Waifs in Gold Boots (WIGB) listing. This is a discovery (unlisted) “replica” Hapaha bronze pattern. Diameter match. Reeded edge denticals match. Thickness match. Font on die match. Etc…

Kalakaua 1980 21mm Sterling 180 Obv. KALAKAUA I KING OF HAWAII 1883 (replica 1883). Rev. 1/4 D, HAPAHA, Marked “replica”, Crest, Motto of Kingdom,
Kalakaua 1980 21mm 18K Gold 17 Obv. KALAKAUA I KING OF HAWAII 1883 Rev. Crest, Motto of Kingdom, 18K GOLD
Kalakaua 1980 21mm Copper 9 Patter. Same except in copper

In addition,  WIGB listed the 18K gold pattern as copper with population of 9. This sister pattern coin in my collection is bronze. I assume WIGB is incorrectly listing the coin as copper.Based on this low pattern population. The “replica” pattern must also be low.