Gomez FMI-PS03

I acquired this specimen recently.

This is a Franklin Mint issue from The World’s Most Valuable Stamps set. Replica stamps in sterling silver and colorized was first issued in 1986. A total of 25 stamps are in the set.

Mint in Package (MIP). I’m an advocate to collecting MIP Franklin Mint items (kept in pristine condition).

1- 3/16 inch  X  7/8 inch in sterling silver.

Unlisted in 1991 Hawaiian Money 2nd Edition by  Medcalf & Russell.

This ingot was cataloged as FMI-PS03 in the latest update to my book https://www.createspace.com/5281076 An specimen is on the book cover.

FMI = Franklin Mint Ingot

PS = Postage Stamp

03 =  Type 3  in the series of 5 types of FMI-PS

fmi2 fmi1