My Book Purchases

Within the past week I purchased 4 books relating to Hawaiiana numismatics:

  1. Hawaiian Money 2nd Edition by Medcalf & Russell (This is a replacement book after gifting my copy to my godfather).
  2. So-Called Dollars, 2nd Edition by Hibler & Kapen (Tired of the on-line google book version with pages blocked).
  3. Paper Money of the Kingdom and the Republic of Hawaii by Medcalf & Fong (Reference copy for my library)
  4. Love’s, A Century of One Family’s Enterprise by  Meiric Dutton (Reference copy for my library).

I stumbled onto the Love’s booklet and purchased it. This booklet was published by Love’s Biscuit & Bread Co., Ltd., Honolulu, 1952. This should provide good reference material if I ever wanted to have an exhibit on the Love’s Bakery tokens.

Love’s, A Century of One Family’s Enterprise : This is the story of Love’s Bakery located in Hawaii.  Started in 1851 in the back and beyond called Honolulu Love started in a year of drought and depression, supplies almost impossible to get and yet he forged a business that survived.  In this booklet is the history of the family and bakery along with history of Hawaii under kings, provisional governments, republics, territorial status and statehood.


More historical information from the company’s website: