Part 2: I Really Did Ask a Legitimate Question and Got NGC Blow Back

This is my unedited reply that is still being reviewed by the NGC Chat room monitors….

Thank you for your reply. However…

1) Medals shown are not a product of the Royal Hawaiian Mint. They are a product of Precious Medals Hawaii (PMH). PMH  has no affiliation with the Royal Hawaiian Mint. The PMH hallmark can be plainly seen on the bottom reverse (on both the gold and silver medals)

2) The 1980 American Numismatic Association clipping provides an accurate pedigree of the original manufacturer, Precious Medals Hawaii.

3) Medals struck by Precious Medals Hawaii have been previously graded/encapsulated by NGC so these medal are not setting a precedence of being the first.

4) As shown ( Ira & Larry Goldberg Auctioneers catalog dated September 7, 2009), two Precious Medals Hawaii gold medals were graded/encapsulated by NGC.

5)  I perceive a preferential treatment toward large auction houses in getting “esoteric” type medals graded/encapsulated with my example of the  Ira & Larry Goldberg Auctioneers catalog dated September 7, 2009. Is this true?

6) NGC does grade several Royal Hawaiian Mint issues as identified by their Krause numbers as indicated in their book title Unusual World Coins. Was this recently changed?

7) Several medals listed in the Medcalf & Russell book, Hawaiian Money Second Edition, are in fact Royal Hawaiian Mint issues. If not all items listed in the Medcalf & Russell book do not qualify to be graded/encapsulated, I recommend that you put a note on your webpage that states this fact.

8) Was my original question actually forwarded to a grader that specializes with medals from Hawaii?

9) As a non-paying NGC member (I’m using my ANA membership to get items encapsulated/graded)……

To be continued….