New Find By Don Nigro: NAALEHU STORE GOOD FOR 5C Trade

Great find by Don Nigro. of Hawaii:

Don states that ”

Don Medcalf says its a discovery piece he’d never seen before. It’s 13/16th of an inch diameter; and is aluminum.
I like this token! Both my grandfather and father worked the Hutchinson Sugar Plantation on the Big Island. Eventually they lived  in Na’alehu. My dad calls Na’alehu his hometown. I will contact my dad and see if he remembers the store and token.
Thank you sharing Don! (I can’t make the HSNA show this month. I don’t have the trading material for this token).
Now that Na’alehu was brought up…I want a taste of  sweet bread! (My dad sends me bakery items from this shop in Na’alehu every so often).