Date of Use Identified: Waikoloa Beach Golf Club Token

A subtle understanding of the club name must be pointed out.

Currently, the name Waikoloa Beach Resort Golf (WBRG) is used. WBRG consist of two courses:

  1. Beach Course (opened in 1981)
  2. King’s Course (opened in 1990)

Waikoloa Beach Resort has two major hotels:

  1. Marriot (1981) (Sheraton and  Outrigger also had their fingers in this hotel during the property timeline)
  2. Hilton (1988)

Waikoloa Beach Resort, Marriot and Hilton, both advertise the use the Beach Course and King’s  Course, hence the proper name usage for the two golf courses is  Waikoloa Beach Resort Golf.

While the Marriot was the only hotel in the resort, the name Waikoloa Beach Golf Club was used.

Based on the club name on the token, it was used starting from 1981 (Beach Course open date) until 1988 (Hilton open date).

Only a few hours of research was performed and it can be said that this token was used from 1981 to 1988 (and no longer redeemable).

This is a prize modern Hawaii token due to its high-dollar value.

Most collectors get confused with the Waikoloa logo (still being used) and assume this token is still in use (gift cards are now used). I suspect majority were destroyed after the Hilton was opened in 1988.

This high-dollar token, serial number # 257, is in the Dr. & Mrs. Gomez collection.