Initials “LB” on Royal Hawaiian Mint Issues

It took some time for me to figure this out (slaps forehead). I should have been more observant. The initials LB stand for designer Luigi Badia.

I know of two RHM products with his initials on the obverse.

1992 dated Princess Kaiulani 1/10 oz  silver

1991 King Kalakaua Akahi Dala 1/oz silver


new discovery

Here is a plaster model  of the obverse die with the LB initials.


Planned 2015 Book Release: Royal Hawaiian Mint® Issues Relating to Princess Victoria Kaiulani

I hope everyone had a good Christmas!

One of the difficulties in collecting  Royal Hawaiian Mint® (RHM) issues is the lack of a comprehensive reference book for collectors. Information is scattered and incomplete among several resources. As an avid collector of the RHM Princess Kaiulani series, this lack of a collector reference book is a hinderance.

While acquiring my RHM Princess Kaiulani collection, I have been compiling notes and have gained a good understanding of this series. As such, this information should be shared with other collectors as a  numismatic resource. I plan to release a book with working title: Royal Hawaiian Mint® Issues Relating to Princess Victoria Kaiulani. Actual 2015 release date is TBD.

From my count, the RHM Princess Kaiulani series consist of over 50 pieces. In comparison the Wafs in Gold Boots (RHM database) identifies roughly 34 pieces. I’m still in the draft copy stage of this book. However, a working book cover (with currently selected title) is shown below along with a draft page.

If you notice, the 1991 Princess Kaiulani Akahi Crown (in gold) with First Day Issue counter stamp on the book cover is NOT documented in any numismatic reference book.  In addition the 1994 Princess Kaiulani Hawaii Dala is also NOT documented in any numismatic resource.

Hopefully, by sharing these two unknown Princess Kaiulani issues it will generate interest for the book prior to its official release in 2015.


The catalog numbering system is unique and is somewhat of a carryover from one of my previous books. The catalog numbering system is expandable for other RHM series:

RHM=Royal Hawaiian Mint

PK=Princess Kaiulani series


06=6th iteration in the 39 mm size coins

(Click to enlarge)  Color images are planned. (I’ve mastered the technique to generate a slight shadow around the coin).









Wonderful News -Royal Hawaiian Mint Selling Previous Inventory

The Royal Hawaiian Mint is selling items of the past at their website. Its hard to believe that they are selling previous inventory. Enjoy the limited bonanza! Hope you have some deep pockets , there are quite a few previous issues being sold! (And its not cheap). Current RHM re-sellers are going into a mild recession…

Update: 10:07 EST – After reviewing RHM inventory I picked up a few low mintage items. I was disappointed that only 2 gold items was being sold (1989 HSNA which I already have and undocumented 1996 1/20 oz)).

The AG Center Punch – Two Varieties

I’ve been examining the sterling silver Kamehameha I “with welt” that was  issued by The Hawaiian Mint in 1975 and 1976. The two images are of coins in my collection.

What I have uncovered are two varieties of the AG center punch. The RHM database lists only one AG center punch for “with welt” issues. The Medcalf & Russell book does not reference any for the “with welt” issues.

If you read the description  in the RHM database carefully  it will make sense.

In the RHM database for the year 1976, 2MB-3, Kamehameha I -W, sterling, mintage 350. The description reads “…center punch has hand punched sterling”. What does it mean?  The “center punch AG” has a “hand punch sterling”.  Wait…can this be true?

Below is a sterling silver Kamehameha I “with welt”, with “AG” and “with sterling hand punch”. Notice the incomplete letters in “STERLING”.



Now compare it to the rare (only 6 struck)  sterling silver Kamehameha I “with welt”, with “AG” and “NO sterling hand punch”.



The astute Hawaiiana collector should know how to spot the two AG varieties on the sterling silver Kamehameha I “with welt”.