When is the Royal Hawaiian Mint Not the Royal Hawaiian Mint?

The title of this blog entry seems a bit confusing. Let me explain. I will be discussing a curious King Kalakaua coin that is being misrepresented as a Bernard von NotHaus’s  Royal Hawaiian Mint issue. This misrepresentation also applies to a few other coins that I will point out at the end of this blog.

For the curious King Kalakaua coin. In 1969, Royal Hawaiian Coins Inc (of Honolulu, Hawaii) had a division named “Royal Hawaiian Mint”. Their issues are anodized aluminum with gold color. You will see a a “RHM” hallmark to the left of the King’s portrait and just above the left dot. These are tourist coins sold in decorative package for mailing. Below is an image of one (click to enlarge, click twice for max size) with packaging in rough shape. If you read the reverse, it provides a date and business name of the manufacturer as described earlier (Royal Hawaiian Coins Inc with a Royal Hawaiian Mint division).


This coin was also used in other decorative Hawaii items. Below is an image (click to enlarge, click twice for max size) of an  inaugural 747  flight by Continental Airlines on June 26, 1970.  If you carefully look at the coin, you will see the RHM hallmark above the left dot. Both the pre-packaged coin and the embedded coin are one in the same.


Now, if you look at the Medcalf & Russell book on page 134. A short history is provided about the mint names used by Bernard von NotHaus. In 1986, he re-organized and began to use the “Royal Hawaiian Mint” name.

Now you see the issue?

The Royal Hawaiian Mint of 1969 is not the same as The Royal Hawaiian Mint of 1986!

To further clear up the issue, look at the description of 2M-230 (page 115).  The three images above are of 2M-230 (anodized aluminum with gold color). The above coins are not a product of Bernard von NotHaus.

To prevent confusion, the proper description a seller should be using is … “minted by the Royal Hawaiian Mint, a division of Royal Hawaiian Coins Inc”.

Now…to the other coins by the Royal Hawaiian Mint, a division of Royal Hawaiian Coins Inc.

Medcalf & Russel 2M-322 (Menehune Money), 2M-280 (Queen Liliuokalani), and and unlisted Princess Kaiulani. It just so happens an eBay seller has listed a set in their original packaging.