Pantheon Saloon Token 2TS-21

I keep admiring  a Pantheon Saloon token being offered by a dealer and could no longer resist. I had to make it part of  my collection.

I compared this specimen with images of others that I could find online. I finally decided to purchase it after comparing it with a NGC MS63 specimen. I believe this one will grade higher if I submitted to NGC. The only issue I may have is the surface (which maybe taken care of by NCS).

The  strike is incredibly bold and the  details look freshly minted. No trace of wear. The selling point for me was the boldness of the small text “C.A. Klinker & Co. S.F”. Where SF is San Francisco.

Here is a link to an image of the Pantheon Saloon in the late 1880’s.  

1895 Pantheon Saloon Honolulu Token

As for the token’s year, most online references (at auction websites) indicate 1895 . As I have investigated, it maybe as earlier 1881 as this October 1881 newspaper clipping indicates.  Jim Dodd’s Pantheon Saloon licences (retail spirit and billiards) was to expire in the month of November 1881.

October 1881 News clip of Jim Dodd and Pantheon Saloon