New Find – Captain James Cook

I’ve been on the hunt for some Hawaiiana medals and sometimes all it takes is your knowledge about Hawaiiana history….

Captain James Cook discovered (made the world aware) of  the Hawaiian Islands on his third voyage. He commanded the HMS Resolution…

Below is a unlisted bronze medal of Captain James Cook and the HMS Resolution found on a Medalist First Day Cover (FDC). Population of this of this FDC is documented as 1,000 made (see the back side of cover).

The total number of bronze medals struck  is undetermined, however the 1,000 is valid population estimate. It is highly unlikely that these medals were sold individually as the prime interest in making this FDC was for the philately community (not the numismatic community). This is one example in which the Hawaiiana numismatist can locate items in a crossover or related Hawaiiana collectible area.