HPM Revealed

HPM are the initials for  Hawaii Pacific Mint, Ltd. HPM, Ltd. only had a PO Box number in Honolulu, Hawaii as seen on their COA. Unconfirmed information indicates two professors operated the mint. I would greatly appreciated any information on the HPM and its operations.

NumisMaster incorrectly identifies the initials as Hawaiian Heritage.

Two coins from the HPM are  cataloged in the Unusual World Coins Catalog (UWCC). They are:

X# 11 Kakalaua Akahi Dala (M&R incorrectly double listed this coin as 2M-233 and 2M-243. M&R also incorrectly declares the initials as PHM). The correctly identified HPM initials are on the reverse, inside the lower portion of the Coat of Arms. Mintage is unknown.


X #12  Liliuokalani Akahi Dala (M&R listed as 2M-279. M&R also incorrectly declares the initials as PHM) . I’m not sure why UWCC provided this coin its own category as “Liliuokalani Medallic Issues”, then sticking X#11 in the “Bernard von NotHaus Issues”.  The HPM initials are on  the reverse below the inner map rim. Mintage is unknown.


New HPM Listing  This is coin was struck by HPM. In keeping up with the efforts  of the Royal Hawaiian Mint (and others)  in commemorating US military events of WWII in Hawaii and the Pacific,  HPM stuck a 1 oz silver round to commemorate the US Submarine Veterans of WWII. There is no HPM initials on the coin, only the COA can be used to identify the mint. Mintage is unknown.


It can be understood that HPM was a small mint operation, therefore mintage numbers for these three issues may be speculated as being low.

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