Unique Royal Hawaiian Mint Die Trail Collection

The counterstamped X# MB69 Dollar ( http://www.ngccoin.com/poplookup/WorldCoinPrices.aspx?category=136271&worldcoinid=348604 ) has a very interesting story that I have pieced together for my ” Unique Royal Hawaiian Mint (RHM) Die Trail Collection”.

First of all, whoever purchased the four X# MB69 specimens last week on Ebay … congratulations! They were a steal at $65 each. I was late. I even contacted the seller, but they sold the complete inventory they had.

Only 10 (ten) X# MB69 were ever created. This  makes 6 accounted for (four below, one to a individual I contacted who would not sell, and the one I purchased).Who owns the remaining 4?

Click to enlarge the $65 coins.


Here is my story….

In 1990, the RHM struck the 1990 Kalakaua Hawaii State Numismatic Association (HSNA) Gold, 10 mm, 1 gram,  .999 gold coin. RHM mint figures (aka “the spreadsheet”) is wrong on the 13mm size. How is that? I have a 10mm 1990 Kalakaua HSNA Gold in my possession. Mintage was a mere 25 specimens struck.

In 1991, the RHM struck the 1941-1991 Pearl Harbor Dala Gold, 10 mm, 1 gram, .999 gold coin. The date on the obverse is 1990 (it is the 1990 Kalakaua HSNA obverse die). Why use a 1990 die on a 1991 struck coin? Because it was available and with minimal wear. This was a mule coin with dies from 1990 and 1991 being used together. Mintage is also low at 24 specimens struck.

Also in 1991, RHM used the 1990 Kalakaua HSNA obverse die and the 1941-1991 Pearl Harbor Dala reverse die to counter stamp 10 (ten) 1991 Silver Eagles. Resulting in the lowest population of a RHM counterstamp coin series.

Here is a summary of the die pairs: (click to enlarge)


As a collector, the 1991 Silver eagle was required to complete my “RHM Die Trail Collection” and it was the last coin purchased and the hardest (population of  10).

Below are pictures to prove the obverse die match (note King Kalakaua’s nose).  All items are part of my personal collection. You can see the progression of wear (start 1990 HSNA, then Pearl Harbor Dala, and finally the Silver Eagle).

Obverse die match on three RHM coins

Obverse die match on three RHM coins

The reverse die match on two RHM coins.


This is a uniquely completed set.  There is a possibility that 9 other sets could be created.  Others may try…but I did it first (and with original research to establish the trail)!