1992 Kaiulani 1/10 oz Silver

This 1992 issue is still confusing to many.

The listed price for this 1992 specimen was high, but by using my “eBay bucks” I got it at a steal.

This specimen was also misidentified in its eBay listing. I really recommend learning as much as you can about the item in auction listing  before placing a bid (there is misleading information that sellers have been placing in their listing description based on inaccurate interpretation or simply bad information).

The original specimens of the 1992 Royal Hawaiian 1/10 ounce set (Kalakaua, Liliuokalani, and Kaiulani with common reverse of Hawaiian Crest) are dated 1991.  This is a 1992 dated 1/10 ounce coin.

It was either issued as  single coin (undocumented in the RHM database) or its was a replacement for the 1991 date Kaiulani 1/10 ounce in the 1992 Royal Hawaiian 1/10 ounce set.  If you study the 1991  Kaiulani 1/10 oz obverse die, is was used on several issues (gold, platinum, and silver) with a different reverse die. Die deterioration can be observed with the obverse of the Kaiulani 1/10 oz coins. The obverse die was most likely replaced with a 1992 dated Kaiulani obverse die.

The key identifier that makes this coin  highly desirable is the “Wb” initials between the letter “H” in HAWAII and  Kaiulani’s neck. Only two coins in the RHM series have these initials.



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