Precious Metals Hawaii: 1 Oz Gold Kamehameha the Great

Back  in March 2013, I provided an image of the 1 ounce gold Kamehameha the Great issued by Precious Metals Hawaii.

The original mintage was found to be 1,500 for this coin.

I located a 1980 article indicating that it is from a series of 8 coins. However, if you remember the 1980’s the price of gold increased and most of these coins were melted.


There is also a silver 8 piece coin set by Precious Metals Hawaii  that I’m investigating with the ANA library. The set includes:

Kamehameha the Great

King Kamehameha II

King Kamehameha III

King Kamehameha IV

King Kamehameha V

King William Lunalilo

King David Kalakaua

Queen Liliuokalani



Here is a previous blog about the silver Kamehameha the Great that was sold individually in a presentation box.