Mintage Numbers for the Precious Metals Hawaii’s Hawaiian Monarchs Series

The mintage numbers of the Precious Metal Hawaii’s Hawaiian Monarch Series has been determine based on an article from the ANA library (memberships has its privileges).

Based on the article, each of the gold and silver coin had a total projected mintage of 1,500 . The individual mintage for the 16 coins (8 gold and 8 silver) will most likely never be known.

Here is a rough estimate:

1,500 struck / 16 coins = 93.75 coins per coin design in both silver and gold.

The idea of having 1,500 coins struck per design and metal type (total 12,000) would be too much for a relatively unknown mint in Hawaii. Also, if you have monitored the Hawaiiana coin market, these coins appear once in a blue moon.

As I previously blogged, eight piece sets have been on the market. Also, a few Kamehameha the Great coins have been on the market. I have not personally seen the 7 other Hawaiian Monarch coins in the series sold individually.

As for the scarcity, I was told by a well known dealer in Hawaii that these coin are hard to come by. Most were melted in the boom is silver prices in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

From the article, the coins were made available nationally (address provided in this national distributed periodical).

As for why Medcalf & Russell did not listed the 1980 Hawaiian Monarch series in their 1991 book, I can venture a guess that it was simply missed.

As for the cancelled dies, it would make an excellent collectible.



During the past week, there was a 1/2 ounce silver Kamehameha the Great listed and sold on eBay.