Updated: Hawaii the 49th State Error Medal

Original blog entry: https://thehawaiiananumismatist.com/2013/05/28/hawaii-the-49th-state/

If you understand the NGC requirements to get a specimen properly numerically graded (PR 1 – MS70) you will understand why the HK-722, HK-722A, and HK-722B so called  dollars have  an extremely low NGC population.

Current July 2014 NGC population (unchanged since my original blog entry) are:

HK-722: 1

HK-722a: 2

HK-722b: 0 (not even listed)

The HK-722 series  has a dilemma.

The dilemma  is that holed specimens cannot be numerically graded and fall into the DETAILS category. Majority of the HK-722 specimens are holed, thereby eliminating it from obtaining a NGC numerical grade. The hole removes the “49” error. Most specimens are holed. Even the HK example is holed http://www.so-calleddollars.com/Events/Hawaii.html

What does this mean?

If you see an un-holed HK-722 series specimen, its a rarity and it maybe possible to get a NGC numerical grade. And once it does, it  will fall into the elite NGC numerical population that will command a monetary premium by so called dollar collectors or Hawaiiana collectors…

As a side note: I highly recommend that you understand the NGC details grading. It will alert you in avoiding coins/medals  that will hinder its future increase in value as an investment. Mounted, holed, and corrosion are just a few…

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