Royal Hawaiian Mint Order Update

I received an email over the weekend indicating my multiple orders was shipped. Shipping was combined and I will getting a shipment refund. Not to worry, I will provide images of the shipment unwrapping. 

In the meantime, I’ve been reading the RHM newsletters (they have an archive at their website). Lots of historical information about the issues. I’ll let you read about the 1996 Proof Set and understand its uniqueness. Also about the availability of official dies used to strike coins.

Lastly, RHM has been removing things around at their website. As an example, 1992 Waterhouse Commemorative has completely disappeared as an item being sold.

James Cook – K110 American Bi-centennial Commemorative Society

Unlisted in Medcalf and Russell. However, listed in Klenman as K110.

Image taken from The Faces of Captain Cook, by Allan Klenman (out of print and difficult to locate a copy).


The mintage is high (~1,400), but remember that a set must be broken-up to obtain one. Issue was limted to membership.

Here is my previous blog about the Klenman book.

There are other Captain Cook/Hawaii numismatic items listed in this book. As previously mentioned in my earlier blog, this book references the first edition of the Medcalf & Russell book.

Really, I Have Multiple Orders with the Royal Hawaiian Mint

I received a courtesy email from the Royal Hawaiian Mint on the status of my orders. Yes, orders…plural.


If you read the website properly there is a 15 – 30 day lead time in fulfilling orders.I won’t reveal what I ordered in this blog. But, I did my research and ordered a low mintage coins and ordered extra coin stock for possible trading or resale.

As a hint to my readers….

The 1993 Eisenhower dollar with the  “ALOHA MONEY” counter stamped actually is available for other years. If you noticed the images at the RHM website, a 1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower dollar is shown (for the 1993 Eisenhower dollar item). I made an inquiry and requested a 1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower dollar.

Hmmm…A goal for a complete set of Eisenhower dollars all with the  “ALOHA MONEY” counter stamped?

Do the math based on the RHM database:

  • 275 Eisenhower dollars with “ALOHA MONEY” counter stamp
  • Eisenhower dollars were issued from 1971 – 1978

It will be an interesting set to complete…And email below confirms that the counter stamped Eisenhower dollar dates are actually random!



This is my WOW purchase!

Medcalf & Russell 2MS-20 / Hibler & Kappen HK-537 – Hawaii 50th State Uniface 

11 struck with NGC population of 1.

This uniface trial specimen is the rarest of the Medcalf & Russell cataloged Mishler issued Hawaii Statehood medals series (2MS-12 through 2MS-20). This piece is also identified as HK-537 so called dollar as cataloged by Hibler & Kappen. This is the NGC population specimen and has a lofty MS-66 grade to boot. Its pedigree: Ex. Ostheimer Collection, Ex. Hibler Collection. One of the great rarities added to my collection.

Hibler & Kappen HK-536 – Alaska 49th State Uniface 

11 struck with NGC population of 1.

This uniface trial specimen is cataloged by Hibler & Kappen as HK-537 so called dollar. This medal is NOT listed by Medcalf & Russell, but discussed on page 101 and is the companion to the Hawaii 50th State Uniface medal. This is the NGC population specimen with a lofty grade of MS-66. Its pedigree: Ex. Ostheimer Collection, Ex. Hibler Collection. This is the plate specimen used as a visual HK-537 example in the 2nd Edition book, So-Called Dollars by Hibler & Kappen. Another great rarity added to my collection.

Here is the John Raymond study reference in the two images

Here is John Raymond’s Mintage/Tally Analysis of the Clifford Mishler So Called Dollars

Note: the population  listing of HK-536 and HK-537

More pictures to follow, but here are the ones off the internet…

Screenshot_2014-09-18-17-44-39_resized (1)Screenshot_2014-09-18-17-44-50_resized


Screenshot_2014-09-18-17-45-48_resized (2)Screenshot_2014-09-18-17-45-56_resized (1)