Aloha Money -Eisenhower Dollar

Unlisted Aloha Money Overstrike of Eisenhower dollar. 

Images of my special request (from my recent Royal Hawaiian Mint order) for a Bi-centennial Eisenhower dollar with Aloha Money overstrike



Unlisted in Medcalf & Russell.

Unlisted in Krause Publication (there are 6 Royal Hawaiian Mint  issues listed).

Listed in Waifs in Gold Boots (Royal Hawaiian Mint database) by association with 1993 Aloha Money Overstrike Set of Six. The comparison with the 1993 Aloha Money Overstrike Set of Four provides a mintage figure of 275. Combined Aloha Money overstrike on US Mint clad issues are:

25c, 10c, 5c, and 1c : mintage of 790 for each.

$1 and 50c : mintage of 275 each

There are other US Mint silver issues also counter stamped with the same Aloha Money overstrike (as listed by Krause Publication and nowhere else)

US Morgan silver dollar (dated 1883)

US American Eagle (dated 1993)

A complete Aloha Money overstrike type series would be an interesting collection to pursue. As well as collection all possible US Mint varieties of  the Eisenhower dollar receiving the Aloha Money Overstrike from the 275 mintage.

Images of my 1974 Eisenhower dollar with Aloha Money overstrike


Lucky 8 – Received a Royal Hawaiian Mint Bonus

This morning I was reviewing the 1998 Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau Silver Dala and uncovered a RHM mistake.

There are up to 8 other individuals who may have received an unexpected RHM bonus.

Here is a snippet of my working RHM database. (yellow background has no meaning). DOUBLE CLICK TO ENLARGE.


If you carefully focus on the word “Bureau” you will notice the silver mintage of 10 and a pattern designation! Also, the obverse wording matches what I received (bronze version listed just above).

The coin was incorrectly identified and sold at the RHM website.

As for the lucky 8 designation, I actually ordered 2 of these coins! (RHM recently removed this coin’s listing at their website). I now own 2 of the 10 pattern coins!



Royal Hawaiian Mint Order Update

I received an email over the weekend indicating my multiple orders was shipped. Shipping was combined and I will getting a shipment refund. Not to worry, I will provide images of the shipment unwrapping. 

In the meantime, I’ve been reading the RHM newsletters (they have an archive at their website). Lots of historical information about the issues. I’ll let you read about the 1996 Proof Set and understand its uniqueness. Also about the availability of official dies used to strike coins.

Lastly, RHM has been removing things around at their website. As an example, 1992 Waterhouse Commemorative has completely disappeared as an item being sold.