Part 1: Lunch Tokens of Hawai’i (Kapaa School, Kauai)

It was requested that I start to investigate and uncover more information about the lunch tokens of Hawai’i. After a few clicks this is my first find, a 1919 news article from The Maui News (Wailuki, Maui, T.H.) about the free lunch school program on the island of Kauai.

The Kapaa School (Kauai) is mentioned and the price of lunch was 5 cents. The school, price, and location correlates with M&R 2TL-49,  2TL-50, 2TL-50a, and 2TL-50b. The 1919 year is just a date of when the free lunch program was documented as being active and not when the tokens were being used, but it provides a good start.

The article is in the left column (click to enlarge).