Princess Kaiulani Gold IKI

An interesting ebay auction ended tonight.

Subtle hints  were in the ebay ad.

1) The obverse design with the profile of Princess Kaiulani seems to be the work of the Royal Hawaiian Mint.

2) The reverse design shows two triangles (hallmark of the Royal Hawaiian Mint)

3) Royal Hawaiian Mint gold 1 gram planchet is 10 mm in diameter (based on my experience).

4) The 3rd image is definitely of a 10 mm coin.

5) As a 10 mm coin (smallest diameter coin issued by the Royal Hawaiain Mint) this is classified as an IKI issue

6) The 10 mm is too small that the “normal” Princess Kaiulani obverse text will not fit on a 10 mm planchet.

7) The only Princess Kaiulani IKI was struck in 1991 and it’s 24K gold.

8) The “Save the Dolphin” design is documented on 17mm Platinum Princess Kaiulani struk in 1994.

I suspect that the listing in Waifs in Boots is in error. This coin maybe the 1991 Princess Kaiulani Gold IKI

pk2 pk1b