Results of My Aggressive Bidding for an Intact 2M-390

I won !

Why the aggressive bidding?

2M-390 (Hawaii Collector Identifier) is actually HK-722A (So Called Dollar Collector Identifier).

The NGC population reports a  graded population of 3. Population of 3!  See NGC Population Report snippet below. 

It is assumed that NGC will not add holed specimens to its NGC population, as any holed specimens automatically will be assigned a DETAILS grade.





This is the specimen I aggressively bid on. It’s a MS 65!

(The medal is actually slabbed by a mid-tier third-party grading service). Hopefully, a NGC submittal with keep it at least above the MS-63 level. And if it does, its a top pop!

The medal was part of the Presidential Coin and Antiques Company, Inc. Auction 85. (note the Hawaii name typos in the listing)