Selected! Money Talk: American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money in Chicago

Received a conformation email that my topic “The Diversity of Hawaiian Numismatics” was selected for presentation at the upcoming ANA show.

I now need to finalize my presentation.

If you have any items of interest or examples  for me  to present relating to Hawaii, let me know. You will be given credit in using your material.

My main intent of this presentation is to show how Hawaiian numismatics are part of some of the mainstream categories: So-called dollars, So-called half-dollars, tokens, medals, bullion, etc…

It is also to show that Hawaiian numismatics is basically the study and/or collecting of coins, tokens, medals, paper money, scrip, and objects that have a relationship with Hawaii. Most items that are collected have a design or text related to Hawaii. The Hawaiian relationship may be in a form of its landscape; its cultures, its people, its industry, its events, its language, its customs, its celebrities, etc…

My presentation topic is to generate interest to OTHER THAN  Kingdom of Hawaii coins, tokens, or medals listed in the “red book”.

I will have to locate my original submittal and post it here (my laptop suffered from the black screen of death and I successful in extracting majority of my files…a very slow process since my adhoc filing system was not the best).