Update: Princess Kaiulani Gold IKI

After examining this 10 mm coin I can say that it is not issued from the Royal Hawaiian Mint (no RHM hallmark). However, the Princess portrait and dolphin designs are similar to those struck by the RHM.  There is no rim damage to indicate it was a ex-jewelry piece.

This coin has the triangle circle B hallmarks (design by Bernard von NotHaus) on the reverse. The B is within a circle and within a triangle.

Under 60X magnification, it can bee seen that the B within a circle and within a triangle is present.

The presence of two triangle circle B hallmarks seems odd.

Upon closer examination it was determine that the right hallmark has an incuse circle and B. While the left has a relief (raised) circle and B.

This maybe a prototype (pattern) coin stuck by Bernard von NotHaus or by a mint he was associated with (after his time at the RHM).




Right hallmark with incuse B within a circle


Left hallmark with raised B within a circle

Unlisted Hawaii Pacific Mint Medal



This medal honors the US Submarine Veterans of World War II. This group disbanded in 2012 due to the decreasing number of surviving members. This was a congressionally chartered veterans organization https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Submarine_Veterans_of_World_War_II

This medal was struck by the Hawaii Pacific Mint. Date struck and mintage is unknown. COA provides evidence it was struck by the Hawaii Pacific Mint for a Hawaii-based reseller (Dolphin Medallions).







Princess Kaiulani Gold IKI

An interesting ebay auction ended tonight. http://www.ebay.com/itm/231446412304?_trksid=p2047675.m570.l4478&_trkparms=gh1g%3DI231446412304.N18.S2.M-53.R2.TR2

Subtle hints  were in the ebay ad.

1) The obverse design with the profile of Princess Kaiulani seems to be the work of the Royal Hawaiian Mint.

2) The reverse design shows two triangles (hallmark of the Royal Hawaiian Mint)

3) Royal Hawaiian Mint gold 1 gram planchet is 10 mm in diameter (based on my experience). https://thehawaiiananumismatist.com/2013/06/16/unique-royal-hawaiian-mint-die-trail-collection/

4) The 3rd image is definitely of a 10 mm coin.

5) As a 10 mm coin (smallest diameter coin issued by the Royal Hawaiain Mint) this is classified as an IKI issue

6) The 10 mm is too small that the “normal” Princess Kaiulani obverse text will not fit on a 10 mm planchet.

7) The only Princess Kaiulani IKI was struck in 1991 and it’s 24K gold.

8) The “Save the Dolphin” design is documented on 17mm Platinum Princess Kaiulani struk in 1994.

I suspect that the listing in Waifs in Boots is in error. This coin maybe the 1991 Princess Kaiulani Gold IKI

pk2 pk1b

Ebay Sold: 1882 King Kalakaua I Coronation Medal 2RM-9


I was surprised that this medal was listed and sold rather quickly today. I was researching it.It’s dated 1882, but the coronation was held February 12, 1883.

Listed as  Medcalf & Fong 9A; Gould & Bressett 108; Medcaf & Russell RM-7 and Medcalf & Russell 2RM-9

Medal is also listed in:

Finding Paradise: Island Art in Private Collections by Severson, Horikawa & Saville

Coin Collector’s Journal, V3, 1946

The Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine V27, 19961

Finally,  this coronation curiosity had made me purchase the book: The Arts of Kingship: Hawaiian Art and National Culture of the Kalakaua Era. This should be a good read.



Mabuhay !

I located and purchased a pair of 2M-383.

Image is of the better of the two in uncirculated condition.

M&R has typos in description based on this image (FILIPINOS vs PHILLIPINOS[sic]).